Queanbeyan and Canberra suburbs with hilarious ‘posh’ sections

Queanbeyan and Canberra suburbs with hilarious ‘posh’ sections

Why do some Canberrans have a hard time admitting they're cashed up bogans?

You know what I mean. That Canberran at a wedding or a barbecue who tells you the suburb they live in, but then adds a little laugh and a disclaimer like: ‘But I live in the nice part.’

Do you, though?

Here are my favourite suburb deniers.

‘I don’t live in Queanbeyan, I live in Jerrabomberra.’


In Queanbeyan, we affectionately refer to Jerrabomberra as ‘Queanbeyan Heights’. Okay, so you have a different postcode but you're still the same as us: just in nicer cars. You pay your rates to Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council, and you shop at our Kmart, Chemist Warehouse and Spotlight!

Aaaand you have your babies at Queanbeyan District Hospital! Baby Queanbeyanites right there!

‘I don’t live in Kambah, I live at Gleneagles.’

Gleneagles estate

Where do Kambah residents go to live when they’ve officially ‘made it’? Gleneagles Estate. Made up of just 57 properties facing and surrounding the Murrumbidgee Country Club, the exclusive estate was built off Kambah Pool Road and was Canberra’s first prestigious golf club estate.

Gleneagles ad

The marketing of the estate in the early 1990s promised you could ‘Sink a few before dinner’ and opt to have a spa in your ensuite. Fancy.

‘I live in Hawker, but at the top of the hill.’


This home 'on the hill' in Marrakai Street, Hawker, sold for $2.13 million.

I’ve got news for you: the houses at the bottom of the hill are pretty expensive too.

My best friend Emma lives at the bottom of the hill, and she’s one of the poshest people I know. Hawker is a coveted location, thanks to the suburb’s incredibly central location and its proximity to both suburban and cosmopolitan shopping centres (aka Hawker Shops and Belco Mall).

The views from the top of Hawker are pretty spectacular though, so I understand why you’d pay a premium to live up there.

‘We just bought at Golf Course Estate, it’s not really classed as Ngunnawal.’

The Golf Course Estate Ngunnawalo

Actually, yes. Yes it is.

Firstly, welcome to the estate no-one could be bothered naming. Secondly, who even knew this area existed in Canberra? Apparently, it’s a small row of houses facing Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club. And here I was thinking Harcourt Hill and Nicholls were the only posh areas on the north side.

I hear (from JT at MARQ Property) that properties in Golf Course Estate are tightly held and only come up for sale very, very rarely.

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