If Canberra suburbs were Hollywood celebrities

If Canberra suburbs were Hollywood celebrities

From the older, glamorous suburbs of Kingston and Manuka to younger, innovative and sustainable suburbs like Ginninderry and Whitlam, there’s no doubt Canberra offers a diverse selection of places to call home.

But what if we matched our suburbs with their red-carpet counterparts? If Canberra suburbs were celebrities, who would they be?

Wanniassa: Russell Crowe


This one came directly from a resident of Wanniassa.

“If we were a celebrity we’d be Russell Crowe,” she says.

“Big, cuddly, friendly, generous and down to earth. Enjoys his nature and doesn’t mind a flanny or an unkempt beard.

“Also, he keeps it real despite being the jewel in the Hollywood crown - just like Wanniassa keeps it real but is easily Canberra’s best suburb.”

Well said.

Griffith: Helen Mirren


Older, elegant, classy and desirable - if ever there was a celebrity who best represented one of Canberra’s first suburbs, Helen Mirren is it.

Mirren has played a wide range of characters but has become somewhat known for her portrayal of royal figures. Arthur Circle, Bannister Gardens and La Perouse Street - it doesn’t come more ‘royal’ than that.

Braddon: Ed Sheeran


Braddon is a lot older than Ed (the British singer-songwriter is just 31-years-old) but Ed’s most famous songs couldn’t be a better description of Braddon: think Beautiful People, Happier, Feels, Perfect and All of the Stars.

Sheeran is effortlessly cool and just gets better year after year. Much like our inner city hot spot.

Gordon: Tim Allen


This Hollywood funny man is at his best at Christmas time - remind you of a particular Canberra suburb? Allen starred in The Santa Clause 1, 2 and 3, Christmas with the Cranks and El Camino Christmas, making him the Hollywood star with the most Christmas movies under his belt. Gordon comes to life with a festival glow from mid-November onward and draws crowds from right across the capital. It’s a perfect match.

Denman Prospect: Ashton Kutcher


Young, good-looking and with a love of innovation, Ashton Kutcher is the Denman Prospect of Hollywood. As much an angel investor as an actor, Ashton Kutcher has inspired a wave of celebrities to follow his lead in funding tech companies.

Future-focused Denman Prospect was the first Australian suburb to have a minimum requirement for solar power on every single dwelling and electric charge stations at the village shops.

Ainslie: Jane Fonda


Well-known for her generosity and social conscience, actress Jane Fonda is the perfect Ainslie.

Charnwood: Sophie Monk


As Aussie as they come and with an absolute heart of gold. Sophie’s proud of her heritage and is adored by many (although she cops some serious flack from the other actors and the media around her). Definitely sounds like Charnwood to us.

Queanbeyan: Mel Gibson


Not Mel in his later years but Mel at his absolute best in the 1980s - gorgeous, fearless and with the perfect mullet. Mel’s character in Lethal Weapon - Martin Riggs - didn’t mince his words and he understood the partnership he was in was truly special. In that case, does that make Danny Glover (aka Roger Murtaugh) the Canberra to Mel Gibson’s Queanbeyan?

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