Canberra's most beautiful bathroom just hit the market in Kambah

Canberra's most beautiful bathroom just hit the market in Kambah

What if your bathroom needed modernising but you were so in love with its mid-1970s tiles you couldn’t bear to part with them?

Well then you’d do what the owner of 6 Schubert Place, Kambah, did: painstakingly remove, clean and then retile the bathroom with them. Talk about a huge job, but just look at the result: a beautiful, sunshiney, retro space that would make you feel happy every morning, even on the greyest of days.


The bathroom is gorgeous but as we explored more of this unassuming two-storey home in Canberra's biggest suburb, it just kept giving and giving.

Here are a few of our favourite things:

The spiral staircase.


Nothing says early 1980s glam like a set of winding stairs. Spiral staircases feed our inner child and we can see the bottom floor of this home turned into a magical children’s haven.

Vintage amber bottle glass doors.

6 Schubert Place_028

Designed to give privacy between the front door and the rest of the home, amber bottle glass is a definite throwback to heading to your Nan and Pop’s house for Sunday night dinner.

Bright bedrooms (there are six!)


With a yellow bathroom at the centre of the home, the owners of 6 Schubert Place haven’t been afraid to splash colour throughout the bedrooms. The result is a happy vibe, and a series of spaces perfect for both sleep and play.

The Secret Garden.


The landscaped garden is full of little areas to discover; veggies and flowers are scattered throughout and we can imagine kids exploring outside for hours.

Number 6 Schubert Place, Kambah, goes to auction at 10.30am on Saturday 3 February 2024.

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