Here are the Canberra streets we’d give anything to live on

Here are the Canberra streets we’d give anything to live on

If you live on Christmas Street, Theodore, we are so jealous right now. And if you live on Mimosa Close, Disney Court or Bogan Place, we’re jealous all year round.

Imagine how fun life would be adding the outrageous street names below to your ASOS or Temu order every other week?

Batman Street, Braddon


OMG! There's a property to rent on Batman Street right now! Every time someone asked for my address I’d just belt out ‘Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na’.

Disney Court, Belconnen


Wish upon a star outside the front of your townhouse on Disney Court and your dreams come true. I mean, you’re already living in Belco, which means at least one of your dreams has come true. If you’re as obsessed with Disney as we are at the Zango office, this is definitely the street of choice in the ACT.

Mimosa Close, Isabella Plains


Pass the champagne and the orange juice please! I feel like if you live on Mimosa Close you’re always wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sitting on the back deck in the sun – it never rains there – drinking the namesake cocktail of your street. Cute umbrella a must.

Christmas Street, Theodore


Surely Santa Claus lives at number 34? And the elves at every other house on the street? Driving past this festive street though, especially in late November, is a little disappointing, with only one or two houses showcasing the Christmas spirit.

(We literally just missed our chance to live on this street.)

Simpson Street, Watson


Willing to live on this street only if it comes with a Moe’s Tavern down the road and a Kwik-e-Mart run by Apu. And my lawns are mowed by Groundskeeper Willie.

Bogan Place, Kaleen


Of course it’s located in Kaleen! Just kidding. We hear this street sign gets stolen more than any other in Canberra, and it’s not hard to see why. Ten points for actually spotting a bogan on Bogan Place.

Dobbie Place, Watson


For Harry Potter fans, dream street names are few and far between in Canberra. There’s no Harry Street, no Potter Street (although there are main roads names after Ian and Mary Potter) and definitely no Malfoy Street. There is a Dobbie Place, though (okay, we know the spelling’s a little off), so if the heroic house-elf was one of your favourite characters, you’ll feel right at home here.

Sanger Street, Franklin


BLT for me please, and a chicken schnitzel with lettuce and mayo for my husband. This sounds like a great place to live, but only if you want to spend your whole life salivating.

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