The Brady Bunch Agency That's Setting The Bar High For Family-Led Success

The Brady Bunch Agency That's Setting The Bar High For Family-Led Success

When Nicola and John Brady set up their real estate business, they never imagined that 20 years later they would be running a family-led business in Bungendore and Harrison.

“We have grown from a small family business in Bungendore to an all-family led boutique business that is very much focused on clients,” said Nicola Brady.

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And Nicola is right about the boutique agency growing – with two offices spread across ACT and NSW and each family member playing their own part in the business.

“John does rural, I do Bungendore village, Ebony does apartments…and Allara does overall property management,” said Nicola.

“Even when the kids were little, they have always been involved from day dot with the cleaning or the filing.”

“It was never presumed that the kids were every going to work in the business but they have been immersed since working here part-time and then to full-time work”.

Nicola Brady said that while Bradys Real Estate continuous to grow beyond expectations, it has always retained the same family feel from the beginning.

“We just love our work and it has always been that way”, said Nicola.

“At dinner we do talk about real estate…we’ve just always had each other’s backs and never miss calls or appointments with each other”.

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Having a real estate background for the past 35 years has served Nicola well. These days, she knows the ins and outs of the Canberra and Bungendore real estate and is pretty good at picking up on recent trends in the market.

“Lately, the trend in the last 10 years has been apartment living and they are only getting more resort like”, said Nicola.

“While there is a trend for smaller gardens, we are also seeing a transition from smaller properties to rural living.”

“This is what makes Canberra so great – we have a healthy mixture of larger and smaller blocks at our doorstop.”

Nicola said the success of Bradys Real Estate comes down to the defined roles each family member has and the willingness to help others.

“We all know when to jump in and help each other when things are a bit busy or someone’s sick,” said Nicola.

“We also just all love what we do so that passion certainly helps.”

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At the end of the day, it's not just the Brady Bunch reference that makes Bradys Real Estate stand out from other boutique agencies.

"Yes it is true that we are often referred to as 'the team' and the 'Brady Bunch', but I also know that vendors and landlords appreciate the level of detail we go to and the connections we have with owners and purchasers," said Nicola.

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