5 Canberra homes made just for Taylor Swift

5 Canberra homes made just for Taylor Swift

It’s not just the die-hard Swifties in a frenzy this week as the biggest pop star in the world performs in Sydney and Melbourne — the whole of Australia has lost its collective mind.

People who couldn’t get tickets to Taylor Swift are turning up outside stadiums to dance and listen to the pop star live. Others are lining up for seven hours to get first dibs on merchandise. The Tay-Tay love is real: so we’ve compiled this list of current Canberra listings for her to consider.

A house in a suburb named after her.

20 Grassick Street, Taylor


We’re the only capital city in Australia with an entire suburb named after the 14-time Grammy winner. If she buys this home in Taylor it will be her first Australian property, and she’ll have access to our stunning regional bushland.


But maybe don’t tell her it’s in a cat containment area: Taylor’s a self-declared ‘cat person’ and has three fur babies that won’t be welcome.

A house located at number 13.

13 Glossop Crescent, Campbell


Die-hard Swifties will know the most sacred number in the pop star’s lore is 13. Taylor Alison Swift was born on 13 December 1989. She turned 13 on Friday the 13th. Her first album went gold in 13 weeks.


Her first number one song – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – had a 13-second intro, and she paints the number 13 on her hand for good luck before every live performance.

A house in RED Hill.

9 Hicks Street, Red Hill


Taylor’s fourth studio album, Red, contained 14 songs including the classic I Knew You Were Trouble. It officially launched in 2012 – she was just 23 at the time – and went seven times platinum in the US, selling over four million copies.


We reckon Taylor would love a home in Red Hill, especially this one, which features a circular driveway, three huge bedrooms to turn into mini studios and a garage for three of her cars (she has more than 20).

A house at number 87.

87 Fitchett Street, Garran

Screen Shot 2024-02-19 at 4.57.50 pm

Dating Taylor Swift is no picnic. The intense media scrutiny is enough to keep even the keenest suitor away (and has) … until now. Enter NFL football star Travis Kelce, who not only understands the media scrutiny, but also the commitment and stamina it takes to be one of the best in the world in your chosen field.


Just days before she arrived in Australia, Taylor was in the crowd of the United States Super Bowl, which saw boyfriend Travis Kelce’s team — the Kansas City Chiefs — take home the NFL premiership title for the second year in a row. We’ve found Taylor and Travis a classic Canberra home at number 87: Kelce’s jersey number.

A house on Love(r) Street.

20 Love Street, Flynn


Who remembers Tayor telling you to calm down in 2019? Because I certainly do. (Have you seen the music video for You Need to Calm Down? It’s my all-time fave). Lover was Taylor’s seventh studio album and gave us such hits as Cruel Summer, ME! And, of course, Lover.


For Taylor’s fifth Canberra home, she’ll no doubt put an offer on this home, located on Love Street (there is no Lover Street in Canberra, okay? This is as close as we could get) and with a fireplace, black cabinetry in the bathroom, and a stunning wooden and glass outhouse for entertaining her bestie, Ashley Avignone.

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